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Good afternoon,

You may have heard that I've augmented my professional training by becoming a Certified Cash Flow Specialist™ (CCS™ Professional). This designation helps me to structure your financial plan so that it focuses on your true financial dreams—while helping to simplify your daily spending and saving.

To help us both understand your own personal "Money Mindset", I have a fun, useful, and quick quiz you can take (I took it too!)

It's called a Money Mindset Quiz because it will show you what kind of personality type you have when it comes to the way you think about money. You might be surprised by your results, or you might know exactly what kind of financial mindset you have, but you won't know for sure until you take the quiz and see! We'll then be able to work with your financial personality rather than against it!

Click this link to take the quiz: The Money Mindset Quiz


Eugene Laughren, CCS